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If you love to hit the bar on weekend nights, then you should know that it’s the little things that matter. These days, most bars and restaurants that you will find out there have a wide variety of beverages as well as the food that they serve. But what is it that makes you remember a certain place and urges you to go back from time to time? What really makes a great bar?

Here are some factors that you should look at:

Good seat

One of the first things that you must check when walking into a bar is the type of seats that they have. Do they offer stools or cozy couches? Barstools are great, but it would be best to experience a cozy booth where you can sit and relax without having to worry about back pain.

If you want to enjoy your drinks with friends and family, then you should consider a bar that comes with comfortable chairs or seats.


The bar

The bar itself is another thing that you need to check out. For a place that is worth going to, it should have a good type of bar which is not merely a spot to put your drinks on. It should have enough space for your beer, appetizers, as well as your elbows so you will be comfortable.

The drinks

What is the first thing that a customer does when he or she goes to a bar? Check the drinks list, right? Although most bars this modern day are already offering a long list of beer, cocktails, shots, and other types of drinks, you should see to it that they are good as well and are worth the price.

The menus

To pair your drinks with, a great bar should offer delightful foods too. Not all people that go to a bar really want to drink alcohol. Some of them simply want to dine and enjoy the ambiance of the bar. So, again, check out the menu and see the available dishes.

The glasses

The glassware also makes a certain bar stand out. Since this is what is used to serve the drinks, it should be appealing. It doesn’t really have to be very fancy but is elegant enough to project the style of the bar.


The crowd

Most of the time, bars play loud music to bring out the party spirits of their guests. This is fine for those who are looking into dancing the night away. However, you should also look into the crowd. Are these the people that you want to be around with? Are they friendly enough and do they make you feel safe even if you get a bit tipsy?

These are just some of the little things that make a great bar. Visit El Grotto if you want to experience the best beer and cocktails, good food, and most of all, have fun!