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In many households, dogs have been considered as part of the family where they have been kept as pets. It is common to see families going visit on vacation with their pets, or even attend important functions such as graduation ceremonies for family members and friends with their dogs. Notably, good pet owners understand that james wellbeloved dog food is the best kind of food for their pets.

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This goes to show how dogs are indeed man's best friend. For this reason, many families consider having a memorial service for their pets when they pass on, in remembrance of the good times they shared together. The following are a few factors you need to consider before you decide to arrange a befitting send off for your dog.

The Venue for the Memorial Service

You can decide to have the memorial service in a pet funeral home or in your own home.

Pet Funeral Home

In light of people being willing to spend money to give their beloved pets a proper send off, pet funeral homes have come up which are equipped with the facilities to plan a memorial service for your dog. They often offer the following services

They pick up your deceased dog either from your house or from the veterinary

Prepare your pet for viewing if you wish

Provide the facilities for holding the funeral service

Arrange for the burial or cremation

Provide the supplies to facilitate all the above activities such as the hearse

A few of these funeral homes offer grief and counseling services for the bereaved.

Memorial Service in Your Home

In the event you live in a City or Town that does not have a pet funeral home, you may decide to carry out the service in your home. In this case the following ideas may be of use to you

Set Up a Viewing Area

You can create space where you will place the urn or casket depending on how you intend to send your dog off. It should be spacious enough to allow people to view the remains as they walk away.

Include Mementos

You can surround the casket or urn with items that remind you of your dog such as collars, tags, toys and any pictures you took of the departed. If you had any videos taken with your dog, playing them at the service would be a good and noble idea.

Arrange For an Eulogy

You can have friends and family talk about the good times they shared with your dog, and even say special prayers or poems.

Create a Digital Footprint of Your Dog

As much you have conducted a funeral service for your dog, there is still more you can do to make his memory live forever. There are many websites that have been set up to pay tribute to departed pets on the internet. You can upload your dog's tribute for other people to see and even for you to look up every year on the anniversary date.