Ailea Shelties

Each year, millions of dogs neglected, abandoned and abused. These stray dogs struggle to survive under harsh circumstances without food, water, shelter, companionship, help and support from people. Such dogs end up in municipal dog shelters or welfare organization. If the dogs show signs of illness, they are treated by veterinarians and given the best diet to restore their health. Generally, stray dogs are checked by the veterinarians after being admitted in the rescue centers. In these centers, the dogs are also given the best care and friendship that they need. If you can offer Home Boarding in Market Harborough then please let us know.

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Where do these dogs come from?

Some of the animals in these centers were raised in puppy mills while others are victims of greedy and careless puppy breeders. Some families may also surrender their dogs to the rescue centers because of reasons such as financial difficulties, divorce, separation or relocation. These dogs need care they were used to getting in their families. Dog rescue shelters give these dogs a new home where they are given basic care needed for growth of the dog.

Adoption of dogs in rescue centers

After rehabilitation, dogs in rescue centers could be adopted and rehomed. Before buying a puppy from a breeding center, you should think of adopting a dog from a rescue center. Some people think that dogs in rescue centers are untamed and wild. This however, is not the case because dogs in the rescue centers are well taken care of and if given the best care and love, they can become pets. Many of these dogs only end up in the rescue centers because their human owners are ignorant, careless, irresponsible and neglectful.

Advantages of adopting a shelter dog

Saving life

There are many advantages that come with adopting a shelter dog. To start with, by adopting a dog from rescue center you will save life. Dogs in the rescue center need good life, proper diet and love. Adopting the stray dogs will give the dogs a new life. You can feed the dog with the best foods to improve their health and save their life. If the dogs are left in the streets, they could die because of lack of shelter and other basic needs.

Improved quality life

By adopting the dog, you will get a companion and a pet that you can rely on to alleviate boredom and stress. You will realize health benefits that are associated with adopting a companion animal like dog. Your pet will benefit you both physically and emotionally.

Cheaper to adopt

It is cheaper to adopt a dog rather than buying a puppy from breeders or pet store. Pet breeders sell their pets at high prices and you still have to spend money in buying food and taking good care of the puppy until it is fully grown. This is not the case with adopted dogs because such dogs are already grown up and in some of them are already trained. This means that you only need to show love to the dog and feed it well.